Can I plant zinnias in planters on my deck?

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)May 17, 2008

I have run out of room in my garden(s), but have some zinnias I would love to grow on my sunny deck (for cutting):

Zowie! Yellow Flame


Giant Enchantress (fuchsia)

Giant Violet Queen

Paintbrush Mixed colors

and more

Maybe someone can help direct me. I have about 12 somewhat thick plastic planters/pots from Walmart. I have them all washed out/disinfected. I measured them-base is 6" and they are 9" at the top of the planter...and they are about 8-9" deep.

Can I plant a few seeds (and later thin them out to one plant after they germinate) in each pot? Would I have to use a seed starting mix, or could I just buy something like Miracle Grow potting soil?

I really appreciate any help you can give me...I tried to search previous posts..but wasn't sure if I was getting the right info for my particular question.

Thanks! :0) Phyl

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I have grown zinnias in large pots successfully from seeds in full sun - lots of heat. Thin them out once they get a few inches high leaving many in the pot. When watering, avoid getting the leaves wet, as they are susceptible to mildew. When I grew them (different house) I used plain old potting soil. Now I am an Al's soil-less mix snob. :) Zinnias are easy and a great cutting flower.

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