Landscape Design in Cold Calgary/Alberta

hodeldMarch 15, 2011

Hi Everyone! - I was just wondering if anyone can recommend any landscape design companies in Calgary, Alberta? Given the climate up here, I assume I cannot just use one of those online services??

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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My personal opinion is that an online design service is not appropriate regardless of one can successfully design a landscape without being present on the site to evaluate and consider all necessary site conditions and meet with the clients and thoroughly discuss all their needs and desires is inconceivable to me.

As to recommendations, I have no specifics but here's a few ways to go about finding a designer:
1) try posting this in your regional GW forum if one is available - folks closer to your immediate area will generally have more suggestions than a request through such a widespread venue as this forum.
2) take a drive through some neighborhoods with gardens you admire. If you see something that really strikes your eye, knock and ask who did their landscaping. Folks are usually very generous with this information if you are complimentary on their choices.
3) check with local nurseries or garden centers - many of these offer design services themselves or can refer you to designers they are familiar with.
4) let your fingers do the walking :-) Googling "landscape designers Calgary AB" turned up several possibilities -- how suitable they would be for your needs is unknown, however it never hurts to call and inquire about their services.

Just make sure the designer/landscaper you choose is properly licensed to do business, has a portfolio of completed work you can review or references you can check and is someone who you feel you can communicate well with and develop a good working relationship.

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