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burlingardenMarch 30, 2014

I'm looking for a recommendation for a shade tree for my backyard. I'd like to buy a more mature tree so I can get shade sooner. Lots of direct sun and the tree will be about 6-10 ft from our garage. Clay soil and relatively close to the Bay and the lot is only about 25 ft above sea level.

I mostly need summer shade so deciduous or evergreen are both fine. I would also like to have grass or plants growing relatively close to the base of the tree. I also prefer something without fruit since we are getting rid of a bunch of old apple and plum trees of our property now.

Thanks in advance. Happy to provide any other detail.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

You might like to go walk around one of the fine labeled collections in the region and see if anything jumps out at you - nothing like seeing a developed specimen of a tree in person to get a good idea of how it might appear on your planting site.

San Francisco Botanic Garden
University of California Botanic Garden, Berkeley
University of California Arboretum, Davis

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Thanks for the advice. Very helpful.

Btw - talk to a tree guy I know and he suggested the following:

Raywood ash
Norway maple
Red horse chestnut
Red maple
Southern Magnolia
Trident maple

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

Knowing that the tree will be in close range to the garage , 6-10 feet, then I would think that a small growing tree would be more site appropriate.
These trees may be a good source to check out:
Acacia vestita - gracefuly weeping silvery cut leaf in form with soft yellow late winter flowers grows to about 16 ft tall and about the same in width.

Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy - nice burgundy heart shaped leaves that flutter in the wind. the tree grows to about 20 ft. tall and about 16 wide. Deep pink flowers in late winter /early spring .

Fruitless Olive - Swanhill - can get to 25 x 20 but easily can be kept smaller with once a year pruning.

Arbutus unedo or the larger growing A. marina ( maybe too large for your location - Madrone

Callistomon Cane's Hybrid. - gorgeous soft pinkish flowers cascading down from a 15 tall x15 wide tree. I have this growing in my Marin county yard and always receive nice feedback out its shape, form , foliage and flowering.

A trip to Flora Grubb Garden Nursery in SF will further help you to find some great trees or The Dry Garden on the Berkelely/Oakland line.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

If you're in San Mateo Cty you must be near one of the very best nurseries in the entire Bay Area:

Golden Nursery
(650) 348-5525
1122 2nd ave
San Mateo, California 94401

Talk to them and see what they recommend. And remember, soil prep is 80% of the success in growing a good, strong tree.

We put a "moderate growth" liquidamber into a bed with 8" of compost dug into it, and it hit 25' in ten years. Beds that I didn't improve still got good growth, but need twice as much watering and fertilizer.

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