Use of Martagon lilies

stormz4March 21, 2010

To all you designers, I would like your opinions on using the Martagon lily in a woodland setting. I currently am designing some woodland properties. This must be the year of shade gardens for me! I have four going for this spring and I can't wait. I read an article about the Martagon lily being used in a woodland setting. The pictures in the article look to be in fairly heavy shade. It is planted with the usual fern and hosta and the trees appear to be quite dense. I don't want to suggest this to my clients if I'm way off base here but can this truly thrive in so much shade? I have mostly seen this in sunny areas. Any thoughts about the use of this plant is greatly appreciated.

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Deciduous forest is their native habitat - they will grow in shade, though part shade would be better.

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Thanks timbu, I think I will consider this for my clients. Probably for the entry ways and as an accent spec.

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Roy Forster and Alex Downie (The Woodland Garden) have this Lilly down as a plant of the woodland floor that does well in the moist woodlands of Eastern states and Canada. It says to "grow them on little tussocks or mounds of leafy gritty soil slightly raised above the woodland floor".

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Was that information useful storm?

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Thanks inkognito. Thought provoking. Why tussocks? Are they a fussy specimen? Are they grown that way in those areas because of ph or for better rooting? The article I was reading didn't have any suggested planting requirements. Yes this does help clearly I will need to research this more. Better yet I think I will experiment some in my own garden before I go down the road of using this in some designs. Oh was there anything said about after care?

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