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martybee_mo(z5MO)March 4, 2011

We live in a rural area with lots of cedar trees around and a messy neighbor next door. We need a fast growing, tall privacy screen. I have planted a couple of Thuja Green Giants and they are growing fine however, last year we had a real episode with bag worms. The taller Thujas are too tall for us to get the bag worms frome the upper branches. They also attacked roses and other shrubs in the yard so I want to be careful what I choose. Any suggestions. Thanks. Mb

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I'm not the best person for ideas because so many others here have much more experience but we have a similar situation and I already have a plan in mind which will use things other than just evergreens. We're on 5 acres and the neighbor doesn't live there but has 5 acres of MESS! Everything from 2 broken down trucks to broken plastic chairs which blow around in the wind, old boots on the fence posts and whiskey bottles stacked up. PLUS MORE JUNK) We haven't started yet but hopefully this summer. My plan is to do a mixed border of crepe myrtles and bridal wreath spirea which will be bare in the winter but they are so beautiful I NEED them. Then add year long color and fullness with several of the tall chinese fringe, juniper, and tall non-invasive grasses which will give year round interest.
You might also consider some of the hardy shrub roses which are quite easy to grow. There are the knock out roses but also some of the older garden roses and new very tough roses. You get both beauty and a hedge which can become 8 feet tall. (I want to add a few to my mixed border.)
I hope this helps.
Cheers to messy neighbors - they give us more reason to plant,plant,plant!!!

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The problem with deciduous plants is that I can see the next door mess during the winter and when the weather is bleak, I don't want to look at old cars, etc. Consequently, I think I have to go with evergreens if there are some that repel bagworms. Thanks, tho, for your suggestions. Mb

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