What shrub to frame front corner of house?

suz9601March 30, 2012

Hello. I am looking for a shrub to go along the left side of my house to help soften the corner and cover the trash cans. Do you guys have any ideas? Would it be wise to match the other side and put an abourvite in? Looking for something low maintenance.


Here is a photo

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I wanted to add that this is the NOrthEAst corner of house

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Sorry,I often answer first,although I wait some time...

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You might want to ask this on the shrub forum as you want information on a specific type of plant in a specific area.

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karinl(BC Z8)

To be blunt, none of the landscape decisions made at this house so far look "wise" to me! They look boring, conventional, and really don't do much for the house besides comply with the builder norm.

So it depends whether that is the standard of landscaping you want to stay with. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with that; it obviously works for a lot of people. If so, by all means go with matching the other side. If you want to be more imaginative, then you might want to read some other threads on this forum to get a bit of an idea of how to take a more analytical look at your property and how better landscaping might enhance it.

If you really just want one shrub, you might also just go to your local nurseries and see if you can find something you like other than the matching arb.

Karin L

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