brick home and raised bed choices

tlepardMarch 30, 2010

We recently bought a house (our first!). It is a trilevel with brick on the bottom and yellow painted wood on the top. My fiance likes raised flower beds and was interested in putting them in the front. What material looks good for raised beds with a brick home? Or do you think that raised beds in this area wouldn't look good or shouldn't be put in because of the existing bushes? Also, should we keep the bushes or would you remove them? Thanks for any advice/suggestions you give!

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Hi neighbor,

It's not clear where you plan on putting the beds, or their arrangement. Looking at your house, I would say stay with the brick like what is on the house. If your brick is less pink/red as in the photo, you might like a polished granite for a slightly formal look. I don't know of any common Arkansas stone that would be a good match for the brick. Red landscape block would look hideous.

If your front steps are concrete, you might do poured concrete bed walls with the corners done in brick veneer or polished granite.

Are you looking for a DIY type project?

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Hello! Thanks for your response. I am looking for a DIY project. I plan on making some beds in the front (left of the picture) for a vegetable garden. The backyard is all shade. I also thought the red landscape block would look horrible. My fiance thinks the grey landscape block would look good but I don't agree.

I'm so excited to do SOMETHING to the yard, but don't know what exactly to do yet!

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Landscape block does not work that well for raised vegie gardens. If you size the bed width so you can reach in to the middle, then the bed has little soil width. Make them wider and you can no longer reach to the middle.

Garden beds here do better with a 12 inch soil depth. For those height walls, poured concrete is the way to go, especially where more than one bed is to be built. The cost is comparable to other materials, you get strong, no rot permanent beds, and you can add a veneer of thin brick, stone, or other treatment to make it look good. And a 3.5 inch wall thickness leaves lots of room for gardening in a 4' by 8'bed.

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Need a link.

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