Pumpkins in half wine barrel

kristimamaMay 7, 2011

Anyone know how many pumpkin seedlings (musquee de provence and/or queensland blue) you can put into a half wine barrel? I have a terraced hillside and I'm going to put the wine barrel on one level and the vines will grow up and out over the next level, so I don't have to do any terracing.

Space to grow and spread won't be a problem. Just wondering how many I can put into the wine barrel before the roots start competing.



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rain1950(W. WA z8)

Per the AZ Ag. Dept. Intensive gardening specs; 24 to 36 inch spacing. So being that a 'hill' is normally 2 or 3 plants; there's your answer ( 2 or 3 planted centered in the barrel. I would use a mix rich with composted manure; keep it watered and use a time released fertilizer.

Personally; my choice would be musquee de provence.

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It really depends what you want out of your plants. 2-3 plants is probably fine for smaller fruited varieties, but if you want jack o' lantern or larger varieties I would go with 1 plant and remove all fruit beyond the number you want from that plant for most satisfying results.

I routinely grow various pumpkins and gourds 2 per 2 sq feet of growing mix, but I don't expect much in terms of size from them. When I want smaller numbers of fruit, but larger size it's a single plant with number of fruit set severely limited.

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