5 gal. pails OK for San Marzano Tomatoes & Al's 5-1-1 mixture?

recoil_rob(6)May 11, 2011

Having limited ground space this year we're considering growing a crop of Sam Marzano tomatoes in containers.

Would we be doing well by putting each plant in it's own 5gal. bucket, using Al's 5-1-1 mixture? Is 5 gal. large enough?

I used Al's other mixture when repotting my fig trees last year and they are doing very well!

thanks, Rob

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

You'll probably get a lot of opinions on this. I'm growing tomatoes in containers this year for the first time. I'm trying several sizes from 5-22gal. I've seen photos of great plants in 5gal, and a lot of suggestions that bigger pots are better, which I kind of agree with. The best arguement for 5 gal containers is that maybe they won't grow huge and produce tons of tomatoes, but not everybody wants that. Smaller plants and fewer toms are just fine with some. This is my general opinion. I don't know anything about the size of San Marzano plants specifically. If it's a smallish plant it might do ok.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I don't think 5 gallons is large enough for San Marzanos. The three I grew in a 25 gallon container were well over 7 feet tall. I would advise you to use pots that are at least 10-15 gallons (one plant only per pot) or choose a smaller bush type dwarf tomato for anything smaller. In my pot I had to water every day when the plants were full size.

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