Can someone help me with photo shop

momof2_2006(6)March 22, 2010

I hope I'm not asking for to much. I have been trying to figure the the program for an hour.

This is what my yard looks like now

The door to the left is not my front door. When the previous owners added the door to the right they never removed this one. I'm gonna leave it for now but conceal it with large container plants.

I am removing the front hedges to put the driveway there. I want to move it away from my front door. The gravel for the driveway will go all the way up to where the walkway is now. Its for 2 cars. Under the window I already made a garden bed. I used red wall retaining wall blocks. I doubled them on the left to make the bed level. My problem is that I'm not sure what to put under the window. I want something large to take peoples eye off of the part of my house that sticks out.

Any ideas? I guess I would just love to see what it could look like.

This is my inspiration pic for the front door.

Please don't judge me. Its a little embarrassing to show these pics. A fixer upper and 2 kids equal this.

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Do you ever use the door on the left? If not, I would say put up a good sized trellis and get a couple climbing roses going on it to hide the door for now. Better yet would be a fast growing akebia or some other evergreen vine to screen the door. Removing the porch light would take some attn. away from that door also.

Then tackle the corner area to tie in with the old door area.

If you use the door you need better suggestions than I can offer. I am no designer. Pictures speak a million words, so it's terrific you posted them. I am visual and it's the only way I can "see" how something looks. Good luck transforming your drive and entry.

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karinl(BC Z8)

I wonder if you're putting the cart before the horse a bit in trying to establish foundation planting beds before you get the driveway moved. Even if not, I think you may be getting exactly the opposite of your intended objective if you plant in the corner - seems to me the bed should go in front of the old door/bumpout, and extend across past the corner of the house, with a good weight of planting and a visually prominent edge, to unify the front. If you chop the front bed up according to the sections of the house, you only exacerbate the sectioned look.


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Viola - I do use the door every once in a while. The basement stairs are right there so if we bring in something large to store in the basement we will use that door to make life easier. However; the tip for the light is great. Looking at the house everyday; I actually forgot it was there. I will take that down. We also will be changing that door. No storm and it will be painted the same color as the siding.

Karin - Your right. I'm actually starting the garden bed first because when we pull up those front hedges and expose the front of our house I would like to have something nice for my neighbors to see. I would like to extend the garden. Unfortunately I have to hold off till my loving husband excepts the face that he will need to bust up that old walkway/sidewalk thing. For now my new garden bed actually meets up to the walkway in a to be continued state.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Maybe you don't have to wait... I have a book called "Gardening on pavement, tables, and hard surfaces" by George Schenk.

Since you use the door though you could just leave the concrete to provide a narrow path to get to the door. But if you want to keep the door usable, making it recede will be more difficult. It will take a very clear pathway and maybe some paint, containers, lights (good catch there on the light, Viola), and every other trick in the book. But you sound intrepid enough to make it work :-)


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