Needs help figuring out to measure my garden

BountifulFlowers818March 22, 2011

I need some help figuring out how to measure my gardeb that i am currently renovating from the ground up.


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Send me emailto show your garden pics.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Bountiful, you do not need to email ideasshare.

Ideasshare, please do not post more pictures!

Bountiful, what is the problem you have with measuring - I would think a fairly long measuring tape, with some stones or something as markers where the tape is not long enough, would do the trick.


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It helps if you draw the outline of the property on some graph or scratch paper first. Place the house and any permanent structures or major trees, etc. you intend to keep. This does not need to be to any scale. Then just go along and measure every surface of the house/structures, the length/width of the property and the distance from any major markers on the property (like the corners)to house and any other permanent elements to place them correctly properly on the property. Once all the measurements have been taken, you can transfer this information to a scale drawing.

There are sometimes shortcuts available. Often plot or site plans are available from your local building authority or included with your closing documents. These can be a good starting point as they are not necessarily current documentation. Also sewer or septic maps of the property may be available.

A long - 100' - tape masure is a big help, as is another set of hands. Or you can purchase inexpensive measuring wheels at home improvement stores like HD. Measuring is a detailed, time consuming process but rather essential for a successful design. Take the time to do it right.

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Thanks So Much That Helps Tremendously

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A lot depends on how accurate you want to be. If you want to be dead on for locating stuff in your yard, you need to hard measure with a tape. If close enough is good enough and you just need rough relationships, use the satellite view in Google Maps. If you print out a screen grab you'll see the scale bar in the corner. Blow it up on a photocopier till it's to the scale you need, overlay your drawing sheet on it, and go to town. I wouldn't do this for anything structural or hardscape, but you'll get close enough for plants.

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