mfoxjacksonMarch 26, 2010

Hi All,

I am looking for some suggestions. I am a Landscape Designer and also do seasonal plantings some of my clients. (outdoors) My daughter is getting married at the end of April and is having an indoor reception. I am looking for suggestions on how I might create centerpieces for the tables using plants and planters that are typically found outdoors as opposed to cut flowers.

I would like cut flowers, but they are perishable and I am not that familiar with arranging them. I am probably going to be pretty busy the few days preceding the wedding and would like to set up the centerpieces about 4-5 days ahead.

I would love some kind of height and to use some kind of taper candles.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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Green stuff in the form of Juniper or pine with some red in dogwwood sounds good marg. Cut a log and insert the Juniper.

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Cute idea, but I was thinking I would like flowers, just not cut ones. Maybe some impatiens, etc, that kind of thing.

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Your question caught me by surprise. Anyone in the landscaping business knows that local owner owned greenhouse businesses, eager to attract attention to their annuals always bring some stock into bloom ahead of its time. Hydrangeas, geraniums, ferns, etc. Head for a good grower near you, explain your needs and by the third week of April they should have some attractive potted, blooming specimen plants for your table decorations. All florists carry taper supports that are pushed down into soil or foam.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

Bromeliads such as 4 inch pot Guzmanias and Neoregelias, and succulents such as Kalanchoe blossfeldiana and Echeverias are usually available across the country at mass market home improvement stores, and give instant punch and long lasting color and can easily be assembled weeks in advance and keep well. They don't drop any petals, either...

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Centerpieces for round or long tables seating people across from each other should have low centerpieces.Hard to talk to Aunt Sue around a tall plant! A basket with couple of full pansy plants with candle in center is nice, you don't mention the bride's colors, usually you want something to match the bridesmaid dresses, at least I always took that into consideration when I decorated for my 2 brother's weddings & other weddings I was involved in when I made the cakes for the weddings. Flowers were sent home with bride & groom if they had purchased a house or with guests that wanted them. Green plants with some flowers mixed in larger baskets were used on other tables, food, sign-in(guest book)if it is on a table. I lined the bottom/sides of baskets so dirt wouldn't get on tables. Last 1 I did everyone was pleased that flowers were not wasted! People are very green these days. Impatiens would work as well as primroses, mini roses or petunias(we have them all year long)Kalanachoes come in very pretty colors. Don't get something with thorns or stickers like a cactus. You can get holder of glass for tapers from any 99 cent store or Dollar store, the arrangement should overflow the basket to look lush so don't need too large of baskets. Take baskets you have around to place you are having reception & see what looks right on the tables. Then take them to nursery to be sure it will work way you want it to so that is not a problem at last minute.

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