Strategies for keeping coco liner hanging baskets from drying out

tropic.dreams(5)May 4, 2010

I've been searching and searching the forums under all the key words I can think of but having no luck. (I freely admit that my search-foo is very weak.)

I'm just about to embark on filling lots of containers, including a couple dozen hanging baskets that have coco liners.

While last year I was able to keep up with watering pretty well, I didn't have any coco liner baskets nor so many, PLUS we are going to be away for a week *in July*.

Please, all in one place, strategies for water retention in hanging baskets, especially in those with coco liners? Garden's Supply has some liners, but at 3 for $20 that's a bit much for how many I need.

I swear I read someone say something about the following when I was reading through thousands of messages previously, but I'd love some confirmation or explanation especially if some would be more to keep dirt in place than water:

-- lining with paper towels

-- lining with plastic bags with a couple holes punched

-- addition of moisture crystals

-- lining with a (presumably clean) disposable diaper

-- lining with landscape fabric

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I have lined my baskets with a plastic bag (like from the super market) with a hole sliced in the bottom of the bag. Lay the bag in the pot , push it up the sides as far as it will go and tuck it back under itself in the plastic bag shows at the top of the basket. I have done this for years and it works. Good luck.

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opal52(z7b GA)

Agree with oppalm. For coco hanging baskets, we line them with plastic grocery store bags with small slits cut in bottom for drainage. We have done this for years also. Added benefit is it helps keep the coconut liner clean and we often get more than one seasons use from them.

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I just read somewhere online that it works good to break up egg cartons into pieces and put them into the pot before you put your soil in. Not the styrofoam ones but rather the cardboard type. I am going to try that this year in my hanging pots.

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DON'T use the moisture crystals. One year I tried that, the soil stayed way too wet all the time, mushrooms started growing in the basket, were impossible to get rid of, and choked off the growth of the flowers.

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