Need help with entry focal point

barbara108March 22, 2010

I need help creating a focal point that will direct guests to our main entrance. There are 3 constraints:

1. You can't see the front of the house as you approach. The front of the house faces east. The street is on the west, behind the house. The driveway enters from the west and curves around to a east facing garage which is sited north of the house.

2. The property has a steep slope to the east, limiting an eastward approach. A 5' wide sidewalk runs from the east gate to the north parking area. There is a 10' wide planting area along the east and north fence line (bordering the sidewalk and parking area).

3. A small north service gate by the garage is more visible than the east sidewalk and gate but it leads to side door so is not suitable as a main entry.

I am considering building a trellis where the east sidewalk meets the north parking area and a matching trellis at the east gate. This would provide a vertical dimension and a focal point when approaching the house from the driveway. I would use plants to draw attention to these areas and away from the small service gate by the garage. But would this solve my problem?

I'm considering extending the parking area (northeast of the sidewalk) about 20'. This would direct guests to park near the north trellis entrance but it would also require a 4' retaining wall to support the parking area. It's quite an investment but I'm willing to do it if it would make a difference in the overall curb appeal.

I'd love any suggestions.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Barbara, I've read your description a couple of times and cannot quite figure it out. For example, I don't understand where the east gate is, or whether there is any street approach from the east for pedestrians. I don't even get where the north gate goes... is there a fence around the house that these gates are in?

If I understand the basic problem it is to get visitors (who I presume all arrive by car?) past the side entrance to the front door. For that, it seems to me that you are looking at a whole bunch of complicated and indirect ways to do what a small sign saying "Visitors please enquire at front door" would do directly and clearly. I think if I were delivering a pizza I would prefer the clarity of the sign.

I'm also not clear on whether by "trellis" you mean a pass-through trellis or a blocking trellis.

Curb appeal is sort of a whole other issue.

I'm not sure this can be answered without a picture or two.


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