Problem with Gritty Mix Ingredients

ariel7576(7b)May 3, 2014

I bought my Gritty Mix ingredients. Much as I fretted about finding them, it was actually very easy.

I bought Gran-I-Grit crushed granite, Starter size.
I also bought a set of bonsai sieves.
Unfortunately, ALL of the grit falls through even the smallest sieve.

Was I supposed to get the next larger size? I was certain it was "starter" that I wanted.

It isn't expensive, so I don't mind getting another 50 lb bag, but I hate the thought of wasting all I have. Any thoughts on that?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

You want growers size.. That's is a little larger than starter. That's the problem. They might take it back if its all there. Some stores are good about you taping it up and replacing it with the right size...

Hope this helps....


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Thank you!
They're not open on Sundays, so I'll go over on Monday. At least I found a place right in Annapolis, so it is very close for me.
I don't mind buying a new bag. I just can't fathom what I'd do with what I have. If they'll at least take it off my hands, I'll be pleased.

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Yes most of the crushed granite you find at local feed stores comes in two sizes. The smaller size, the "starter" grit, is too small for most container growing applications, as you discovered. The size of grit suited for container use is called "growers grit" and can be screened.

I currently use the Manna Pro brand of grower's granite. I'm attaching a photo for reference. (Note: this grit was screened and very fine particles were removed).

Hope that helps.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


They should take it off your hands and I bet they won't say a thing especially if you have your receipt. Did you buy it from a Southern States store? They also carry Manna Pro . It's more expensive than the Granigrit , but some have only one choice sometimes.

If they don't take it back, take it to a park, the pigeons and other birds will enjoy this. Or broadcast it in your beds, or driveway.. ;-)

Granigrit at SS is 8.99 for a 50 lb bag. Manna Pro is 14.99 for a 40 lb bag. ( make sure it's the (poultry ). Some have crushed oyster shells and you don't want that ( Manna Pro)

So glad to to see TYG pics. They look great!!! Honestly, with the Cherrystone and or Granigrit, I just sift it once over to. Or use the hose to do a once over!!! ;-)

Glad to get you to the growers size. Agway is another store that could help others if you can't find things....

Take care Ariel and TYG! Thanks for helping!!! You'll love making this and using it!!!

I'll include what mine looks like for reference.

Take good care,


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Thanks, guys! (I'm using guys in a plural, non-gender-specific sense, so please take no offence, Laura.)

Bowen's Farm Supply is a Southern States store. They're super-friendly, so I'll see tomorrow if they'll take it back. If they won't, I like the park suggestion.

Just to make sure, I should really only have to screen once for very fine particles; there shouldn't be any need to screen out big ones (as I do for the pine bark), right?

The screening is labour-intensive. :) OMG... I'm that old guy now: I just debated with myself finding a neighbourhood kid to pay to do the sifting!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


I don't mine being called a guy!!! Lol. I understand completely ! Do it myself because I'm around a lot of people and it's easier! Just as long as I don't receive a ' sir'. lol , I'm ok. ;-)

I wouldn't worry so much about sifting the grit. Once you get to the bottom of the bag it more important. Concentrate more on the bark and Turface verses grit. I sometimes just scoop from the bag !! Shhhh! Our secret ! Or take a small mesh and add grit and sprinkle with the hose. Make it easy. The grit is pretty easy. Turface has more fine particles. So I shake a couple times with my strainer !! Don't worry about particle size ( It's fine ) Give it a shower if your concerned. ;-)

Take care ,


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Correct, when using the grower size of grit you screen out the very fine, dusty material and keep everything else. In the Manna Pro grit there is very little waste. I have not used Gran-I-Grit but assume its about the same. The bottom of the bag typically contains more fine material than the top.

I recall reading on this forum that someone hated to screen the granite so they poked a few small holes in the granite bag and simply used a garden hose to flush out the fine material. I do not know if that worked or not but wanted to pass it on anyway.

Good luck on your return tomorrow.


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