Have Japanese Maple seedlings

trish_ca(CA 8)April 22, 2012

I have another new crop of Japanese Maple seedlings. They are getting their second and third set of leaves. They are a mixture of green and green tinged with red. I would prefer to send a few dozen at least per trade but if you need more I certainly have more! I am presently looking for dwarf irises, unusually daffodils, pink lily of the valley, calla lilies, or let me know what you have.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Trish, My husband wants more of your Japanese maples. You sent such nice ones last year. I gave some for gifts. Here in TX people love those trees.I may not have what you
are looking for. I have daffodils, but were mixed at one time, few calla lilies from a trade.I have dwarf irises, but I find that rich soil they are not so dwarf.I have lots of new little plants from seed.I will ck. today.
Thanks, Donna (ck my GW list.It's old, but still have lots.)

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Hi, I would love some of your Japanese Maples! I just went to a plant swap and ended up with a bunch of purple dwarf irises but I'm not certain if I have a dozen. I do have (if you are interested) cut leaf japanese maple seeds that i could send you with the irises. I got them in a trade and have since realized I'm horrible with seeds. Let me know...ps my trade page is out of date. Need to get on that tonight.

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Just wanted to tell you that I got about three dozen of these from you, and they're BEAUTIFUL! I don't think I lost but 2-3 over the winter, so my local plant swap's going to have LOTS of Japanese maples this spring...

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Hi, Trish!

I have been DYING to get my hands on some Japanese Maple.

I don't have a ton to trade, as I'm a relative newbie, but I'd be willing to do a SASBE trade, or purchase some from you.

I do have seeds to trade, if you're interested in those at all (jalapeno, green bell pepper, black beauty eggplant, asian cabbage, baby leaf spinach, and pepperoncini).

I do, however, have seeds and seedlings of Japanese Lantern Plants that I could trade, if you're interested in those.


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Hey Trish, I'd love some of both kinds of your Japanese Maples. Please check out my plant list and I will hopefully be adding more to it tomorrow.

Here is a link that might be useful: Joel's Lists

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I do have some dwarf crested iris in white and lavender. I also have many other plants like toadlilies, unusual elephant ears 'Coffee Cups', 'Elena' and 'Shock treatment' and others if you are interested. I would love to have some Japanese Maple seedlings if you still have some. Thanks.


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zekesmom(west tennessee)

I sent you an email Trish. :)

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