Natchez Blackberry - full sun container problems

Buckeye85May 9, 2013

I picked up this sad blackberry plant on clearance last year, and it turned into a sprawling monster (and made three babies, too). This year I up-potted it into a 20 gallon smart pot from the 2-3 gallon plastic container it was previously in, and my father was kind enough to build a trellis that I figured would be portable enough when we move out of this apartment next spring.

However, after mounting it, I realized that the plant is only going to get partial sun - our wall faces roughly NW, and the shade of the building blocks the morning/early afternoon sun. Should I move it? The best I can do is maybe un-mount the trellis, drag everything forward, and find some way to anchor the trellis base to the ground - it is probably doable, but definitely a PITA.

Will it make a big difference in fruit production? I am pretty new to berries, though my blueberry plants are going crazy in their smart pots.

Here's a was just re-potted yesterday, so it's definitely a little droopy today...I'm hoping it perks up soon.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

You'll get some good feedback here, and maybe even better over on the Fruits forum.

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Thanks; I hope so.

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