Landscape designing for passers

HechtMarch 3, 2014

Hi all, once I got this information that there is some old guideline on landscape designing that encourages growing a lawn that gets marked on the ways people mostly walk (leaving footprints and worn grass) in other to better build a stepping stone pathway where people actually is interested in passing...
Can someone recommend me a reference on this? It's to a research I've been doing...

Thanks in advance...

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I don't know of a resource that explains what you are looking for. If I understand it, you are talking about using existing pedestrian traffic patterns to determine where pathways are and should be located. I think this might be useful if you are designing walkways for a college campus, but if it's just for your yard, I think you'd be better off just figuring out where people will walk based on where the things that they will need access to, are located. You might be better off explaining what you are trying to accomplish ... and possibly show a picture of the pertinent part of the site.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I think there is merit in using/considering people's natural traffic patterns to shape pathways - if only to stop making silly (IMO) wiggly paths! People walk from Point A to Point B in either more-or-less straight lines or in a gentle curve, depending on where A and B lie in relation to each other. They do not walk in 'wiggly' lines unless there are significant obstacles in the way and then they find the path of least effort. In planning the paths in my yard I looked at the path both people and our dogs normally take to get to the various destination points in the garden. All the paths are either straight lines or straight lines with gentle curves to go around corners.

Stepping-stone paths are dreadful things from a disabled-access point of view - I would never use them and think they should never be used in public places.

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Excellent points both about the pointlessly wiggly lines ... and stepping stones for disabled!

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Stepping stones for everyone - when you are walking on small surfaces with unpaved ground between you have to look down the whole way to see where to place your feet. This eliminates looking around and enjoying the garden as you are passing through - unless you stop and stand on one of the stones, as though it were a rock in a river, and take in the view at that point.

Solid paving, where the stones or other material have no large gaps between is much more flowing and practical.

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