planter design for an evergreen screen

neworder71March 7, 2011

We are looking at putting in pool and screen of evergreens along our back fence for noise abatement.

We are considering options like Italian or Leyland cypresses. Something dense and with a trimmed/neat look to them. We live in Memphis, TN. For extra noise control and some visual interest (yard is dead flat) we want to place the trees in a raised planter, masonry 2-3' high with stacked stone facing. Since these will be a noise screen the trees will be planted fairly close together. Our soil is heavy sticky clay, but we will be able to condition what is going in the planter somewhat. Ideally the trees will grow to about 12-15', probably buy 6'.

2 question:

-Other tree suggestions?

-required width of the planters to allow the roots to spread and not be suseptable to wind. Assume planter foundation will only be around edges so roots could grow down.


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There's a few different options here... first, if you would like your matured tree to be 12-15' tall, I would suggest fastening your planters into the ground.

Drill holes through the boards and slide rebar through them and into the ground. I wouldn't make the planters any smaller than 3' wide.

Secondly, you could look at a few different types of junipers. Skyrocket Junipers grow fairly quickly.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Planter may not be the right word, this is a large masonry box, say 60' x 8'. Not sure of the width yet.

The skyrocket do have a nice look, but I'm seeing they only spread 2' so I'd need 30 of them. I was looking for something with a bit more width so I could buy fewer and taller.

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