Help a very green gardener plan a garden.

rolacoyMarch 30, 2010

Not green like "green thumb", green like I don't have a clue what I am doing. We remodeled a house and moved into the house in the Spring of 2008. This two years has been spent working on the hardscape. I am about 75% done with that and ready to plant something with color. I have planted about 60 Encore Azaleas and some other stuff. The stuff is plants that people have gave me and some that I have bought. I have tried several things some worked some ended in dead plants.

I built a greenhouse in January. I find that that was a little late to get a lot of seeds planted for this spring. I don't know when I should have planted the seeds, but I was at Lowes last night and seeds that I planted are already blooming on the same plants at Lowes. I am learning and will start earlier next year.

You can see my garden at the link below.

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I forgot the URL for the pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Garden

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Ok, here are pictures of my planting beds. I am trying to decide what to plant in each of them. The garden is about 35' x 65'. We have a garden room that is 24' x 12' as you can see in the "My Garden" pictures. We spend a lot of time in the garden room, my wife uses it for church parties and luncheons. We have our monthly family dinners there also.
There are woods across the West, a board fence on the south. The North looks across a couple of back yards and will be blocked from view in a couple of years by vegetation that I am planting. The Azaleas are all the way across the back (West). On the South next to the fence I want to plant something that grows tall. I have seeded a bunch of hollyhocks and plan to plant them along the fence. But I am open to any suggestions. I will get a list of the seeds that I have planted. I would like for the yard to be like a bowl with the garden as the center and as the garden gets closer to the edges, the plants will get taller.

If you suggest plant types I can look them up online, but I don't know the names of many plants. I am trying to learn. Also I have spent a lot of money so the rest is going to have to be much less expensive.

The link below shows each of the planting areas, numbered to a map of the garden area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Planning

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