Chrysler Imperial in a Pot

lwhitaMay 16, 2009

Moved a couple years ago to a condo and don't have much yard space, but I miss my roses, especially the Chrysler Imperial that I had. I bought one today and would like to grow it in a pot since there really is no place sunny to put it in the ground here. My question is how big of a pot/what time of pot would you recommend? The one I bought at the nursery today is fairly good size already in at least a 10 gallon nursery pot at the moment. I did some searches and found info about potting roses, but I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with a Chrysler Imperial.



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gardenerme(z9/21 inland socal)

I was hoping someone would answer, but since no one has, I can tell you that the Chrysler Imperial will do just fine. Just keep it well watered and fed and every year or two take it out, bare-root it and repot in fresh potting mix. As you know, nurseries grow everything in containers and they do just fine.

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Thank you! Any suggestions for size of pot?

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gardenerme(z9/21 inland socal)

I would say get as big as you can handle. Sorry I have not replied sooner ....

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shamrockgal(USDA 8+ WA)

I bought one today from a very reputable nursery. It was in a 7 gal fiber pot. I was told I could leave it in that size pot until approx. August. I am in zone 8a. I asked about growing it in a 10 gal pot and was told that it should be fine because the nursery often leaves their plants a "very long time" in large pots; however, it is important to replant it WITH IT STILL IN THE FIBER POT. Removing it from the pot can damage the roots. Cut off a little of the fiber to make the soil all the same level. She also said to be certain to water it every day and feed according to the box directions.

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