Vertical strawberries and Dyna-gro foliage pro?

mossback1971May 2, 2011

I'm using AgroTower vertical pots for strawberries with Al's 5.1.1 mix. Should I use Dyna Gro Foliage Pro fert. to promote growth and switch for fruit and flower production? I'm growing Albions...What should I use if I do switch?

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You could reduce the fertilizer supply as a means of reducing the nitrogen supply so vegetative growth is inhibited. The plants will then direct their energy to producing fruit , rather than vegetative growth.
There will still be enough P available if you reduce the amount of N supplied, but you will probably have to find a way to supply K since that is likely to be to be deficient.
You can supplement the K by supplying something like Pro-tek made from the same company.
This is what I do and it works just fine.

You know something? On many of my fruiting plants, I have not changed the way I feed them with FP, and still get great results too.

I get great results either way.

It's up to you:-)


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Like Mike - I'd just stick with the Dyna-Gro & not worry about splitting hairs.


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Thank you Mike & Tapla!!!

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