One Bite At a Time Help!!

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bMarch 20, 2013

Of 1.4 acres this is a glimpse of what we deal with. It's down the hill. The fence you see probably kept a dog in, but the land goes way beyond. It's all native, ugly, invasive and peppered with coyotes, snakes, rabbits, vultures, and anything else you can conceive!

How do I make this area beautiful? The fence is solid. Trees growing out of rocks are in stone!

Actually, I wish to plant something that will produce fruit.

Looking forward to your answers. This is the first of a thousand glimpses into the horror we bought.


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demeron(Zone 6)

I don't think it's horrible at all. I think the fence is unsightly, but otherwise not the least horrible. What's horrible about it?

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Your property is on the rock side? Can you put in a wider view photo? Are you trying to improve what is inside the fence? Something that will have fruit-trees, blueberry bushes, brambles, and vines will need an area with sun and good soil.

I like the rocks and would probably limb up and/or remove selected trees.

Looking forward to more photos.

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Fori is not pleased

I'm getting homesick! Love that stuff, 'cept the rattlers.

I bet you can grow Opuntia spp for fruit! :P

(Don't do it!)

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demeron(Zone 6)

My mother grew grapes and citrus when I was growing up in AZ.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I know you'd like to see a large view, but there is no way I can even get the gate on the chain link open due to massive native shrubs blocking it. Here is a shot of what we face.

We saw a snake yesterday, and a 4 year old in the community was bit by a rattler. They are out, and I'm not in the mood to risk my life for a wider picture by entering the other side to take a shot from no man's land.

Due to the immense size, I thought I'd break up the property in sections. This little area is mostly shady. Not too many edibles like shade, but rats and gophers sure like them!!

I have plans for Opuntia on the other side of the fence. It needs full sun, and is pretty invasive, but also provides vegetables and fruit, and is a living fence! We own down the hill, (past the fence) across a seasonal stream, and up the next hill. Would love to use it for a natural fence.

I'll try to trim the trees growing out of the rocks back, and maybe drop a fig tree cutting in a crack or two to see if it will take root.

We are in process of getting all the irrigation working. The property was neglected for years. We have discovered 6 bearing citrus, 2 apples (anna and Dorsett Golden), 1 apricot, 1 peach, 1 plum, and one Fuyu persimmon. We have ready to plant 100 wine grape vines, 2 more citrus, 70+ fig trees, one macadamia nut tree, and 3 pomegranates.

It's a fun and wearing project, for sure! I hope you can understand why I can't get farther for a shot. I have put the property lines in this post so you can see why I want to tackle one area at a time.

Why do I think this is ugly? Woody native plants, for one thing. I guess that moss on the rocks freaks me out! Can you sit on it? Shudder... What will grow in that shade?

Also, you can't see how steep that narrow little path is between the rocks and the fence. You have to hang onto the fence to stabilize the walk! The path leads up to a grove of pines. It's one of two groves on the property. I plan to put a weathered picnic table there, and maybe a little stone fire pit for afternoon relaxation.

You'll get tired of me dividing up the space like this, but this little area has me stumped!


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