Have Mints : Seeking Mints

reyna1(Zone 8)April 20, 2011

I already have:

Lemon Balm (just now regrowing)

Spearmint (have lots available for trade)

Chocolate Mint (have some available for trade)

Pineapple Mint (have a tiny sprig growing)

Orange Mint (just now starting to spread)

Apple Mint (have some available for trade)

I would be willing to trade a rooting of what I have in mints (I also have Scilla Violacea bulbs / drimiopsis maculata bulbs (small plants) in trade for a different type of mint than I already have, you can also check my trading list for other seeds/plants that you may be interested in :

Banana Mint

Ginger Mint

Lavender Mint

Grapefruit Mint

Lime Mint

Berries & Cream

Candy Lime

The rootings do not have to be large, in fact I would prefer the rooting to be smaller (maybe 1-2 smaller rootings). Basically I'm looking for any types of mints that I do not have listed - so even if you don't have those listed I would be interested.


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Hi Danny, I have (on your want list)

Ginger mint

Where are you drawing the line for mints? Catnip is a mint...and many herbs are in the mint family--basil, rosemary, sage, savory, marjoram, oregano, thyme, lavender, and ground ivy (creeping charlie-Glechoma hederacea). I can get you rooted cuttings or seedlings of most of these, I think.

be sure you plant your mints in containers--I didn't and I'm in the process of eradicating chocolate mint from my garden...lol.


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sunshine98(Z8 TX)

I have Mexican mint Yerba Buena. Am interested in either the apple, orange or pineapple mint. Plmk if interested. I got plenty. Thanks
Always a friend,

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Hi, I don't believe I saw peppermint listed on your post. I have some newly rooted cuttings of it if you're interested and I'd be glad to send you 2 of them. I'm interested in your chocolate mint and pineapple mint. LMK if you're interested. Thanks, Joel

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