Strawberries next to garlic and onions

scarletdaisies(6)March 22, 2012

I tried this in the companion forum, I don't think they are very active, so I'm asking here. I read up and didn't find anything saying they couldn't be planted together, now I have them in the soil together and I'm finding all kinds of things about they don't do well.

I'm going to pluck all the blooms of the strawberries until June 1st, 2 months is surely enough time to allow to start producing fruit for first year, so by then the bunching onions will be done. The garlic won't be, I don't think so anyways, but I can transplant then.

I don't think I can find all those roots again to dig them out, nor the strawberry plants, but nothing's impossible. Can I leave them or is it completely detrimental?

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I had my garlic next to strawberries last year and both did exceptionally well.

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Only half the sites say it, and I only found it after I started planting. I think the onions will chase the bugs away and still make better strawberries, so I won't worry. Thanks for the reply. I don't have to go scavenging to pull anything out.

Thanks again.

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RabbitRabbit(9 CA)

I planted onions next to my strawberries and the onions seem to be doing well. Not so sure about the strawberries, but last year was their first year and the plants were very small at the time. This year they look much more robust, so we'll see how they do.

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I think they'll be fine. Sounds like everyone has had good results. I appreciate it, I would hate to have killed them even before they have their first sprout. I know onions can't grow next to peas, but wasn't sure of strawberries.

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