Desperate for curb appeal!!!

pool4me5154March 22, 2014

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!! Frontage is 50' from power lines (12' high) to house.
House is 24' wide on tall side and 20' wide to driveway. We are extending the porch this year to the end of large window and making it 7' (from 3') deep. Only thing I really want is a small 'Christmas' tree that has short needles and is sparsely branched. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Sorry! I hope you can see these pictures...

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

pool, just copy the "html" text from the right side of the photobucket page to display the photos here. Here they are:

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Depend on your budget,you select many many thing.change the color of roof,wall,trim....add a porch,fence,...add trees,shrubs,flowers.I do a part.

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Design, Thank you for posting, but I can only see the very top part of your addition. The windows were just replaced, so we won't be doing that.

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I guess I should clarify a couple of things.
The house faces north. I have no idea how deep the planting beds should be. Because of the low windows, is there anything I can plant that will make a difference in the tall, flat wall with four windows?
Although we really like the ideas submitted by 'design', at this time, we are only going to add flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. (That is besides the porch we are adding). Our back yard has nothing in it either, so we are on a limited budget.

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Think of putting smaller plantings tall to small (from house tward road) in a 4' wide garden. I would love to see a couple islands in that front lawn with a few white birch trees and mulch. Also think of up lighting. Low voltage up lighting on a house can really make it POP!! Check me out WWW.DSLANDSCAPE.ORG

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Sorry,other part,I haven't time finish it."The windows were just replaced " can't soft box shape of the house.

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Some general ideas are:

create a "forest" of clumping trees (like river birch) at the left & left front of house.

Some shrubs below windows that do not get too tall; groundcover elsewhere. If you don't want that much groundcover, create a boomerang shaped island bed for the trees that is separate from the house bed

Small flowering tree near drive that give the sense of protective shelter while one is on the way into house.

Some annual color at each side of steps.

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Thanks for all of your ideas!!
I am thinking about putting a horizontal piece of white molding running between the two sets of windows. It would be at the same level as the gutters on the short side of the house.
If I put shrubs below the windows, how would a trellis with a vine look in between the bottom windows?
I don't think we have enough room for multiple birch trees, but like the idea. Do you think serviceberries would be too short? Maybe a small/medium christmas tree shaped evergreen tree or magnolia?
I will definitely use the idea of up lighting.

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If you grow a magnolia or conifer with foliage to the ground, it will be much more space consuming (at the ground floor level) than a limbed up deciduous tree. Serviceberry would eventually get large enough, but I don't think a single one will balance your house.

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