how to get rid of grass and building a retaining wall

supaflyzMarch 30, 2010

My mom have a pretty nice backyard except for this one ugly spot. The grass is growing everywhere. She wants to clean out the grass and build a retaining wall. We already have a lot of bricks. However, she don't want to kill the palm trees. They have been there for about 5 years and is thriving. She want to clear all the grass out, put in new fertilizer and soil and grow some perennials in the spot. She also want to clean the grass around the area, and put in a concrete slab and a trellis with vines over it and put some chairs under it. We have attempted to clean out the grass, but they always grow back. Is there any product to clean out the grass for good and not kill the new plants? .

Here are the pics of the spot.

This is the picture of the two trellis we have so far. I don't have any program on how to design a landscape design.

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Yes I'm thinking of doing that. The dirt is kind of compact do you think I could just take the grass out with a shovel. I took a lot out today but some of them have that deep white root that just goes under really deep. So I should use a tiller to till out most of the grass. Then put some kind of plastic tarp or something to prvent the weed from growing. Then put on a layer of mulch. Then pour the soil over and start building the retaining wall then add perennials. Do you think one layer of plastic is enough?

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