Top Quality Edging To Go Around Landscapeing

joetoeMarch 29, 2012

I would like to know where one can buy Top Quality Edging to go around the garden and landscaping?

Which is better vinyl or metal?

I am looking for 6 inch depth on the edging.

I would think that it would be cheaper to buy it from a Supply Company than to buy it from a Landscape Company in the area.

I would say that I would need at less 300 feet of it.

Another ideal that came to mind is to get a Edger and edge around everything.

What would look better?

What I am trying to do is keep the grass and weeds from entering the landscape and gardens.

What would be the best way to go about doing this?

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deviant-deziner(Oh zone)

Top Quality and Cheaper don't usually go together.
So do you want top quality or cheap or are you concerned with aesthetics ?

Composite wood products range in price and size. Starting at about a dollar a foot for the cheap plastic 3/4 by 4 inch stuff.

Then you graduate to a heavier width that is wider and has a more attractive look and will last many years when properly installed.

Steel is quite stunning especially if you have a modern project and will last quite a while and age beautifully , especially if you have a skilled craftsman do the installation.

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I like a trench edge (aka Victorian or natural) steel or aluminum edging or a brick or paver mowing strip. I would not give you 2 cents for plastic edging. Unless it is super expensive looking, I do not like edgings that stick up above the grade. I think they junk up the overall picture. You can Google images for landscape edging or any of the specific types to see examples.

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Hard to beat a good steel edging for holding grass in check. Nothing will prevent turf grass from crawling over the top of it, but you can easily control that with a weed eater. HD or Lowe's is where I would go for it. If you want a more elegant appearance, you can place river rock behind it. Goes for about $.30 a pound, say maybe $6.00 a foot.

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No I don't want chap stiff.

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