Help with my Clematis President

zennie371_gardener(7)March 27, 2010

I come to GardenWeb seeking advice on Clematis President plants. I brought Clematis President dry root from "Home Depot," and I have started it indoors under grow lights. But this was 1 month ago or more and I have not seen one plant emerge yet it is still a root. Did I do something wrong or is this plant that difficult to grow?

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Hey, zennie-

Garden Web is a great way to learn about plants, gardening, and how to design a landscape or garden. There are just about a bazillion different forums you can try, including Perennials, Annuals, Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, Hostas, Roses, etc. This forum is for "the discussion of the technical and aesthetic issues involved in landscape and garden design".

Sometimes folks will answer a question like yours simply because they know the answer and want to help, but you are far more likely to find good advice over on the Clematis forum. I already clicked over there, got on that forum page, found the search box, and put in the word "president". You will find many questions that have already been asked about your specific clematis. You will also find general information about clematis care.

For the most part clematis are not that hard to deal with. I would not have tried potting up a bare root and keeping it indoors for a month. It just seems unnecessary to traumatize the plant twice instead of once. In zone 7 you may well have been able to plant this directly in the ground. The bare root would simply have come out of dormancy in its new locale. Prep for planting includes: Digging a hole about 15" deep and 12" wide (or bigger, if you want to), back filling with a little hillock or mound in the center of the hole with the fill dirt treated with whatever goodies for the plant you like (like compost, bone meal, etc.) spreading the bare roots out around this good stuff, then fill in. You want to bury the clematis roots completely to a few inches below the surface. Water well and wait.

For more info click on over to the Clematis forum and see what they have to say over there. And come on back any time, especially with a landscape design question or comment.


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my clamatis is in full bloom already i bought it last year in the early summer and i remember it flowering aroung june july time , does that mean it blooms twice a year

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