My peas are wilting!

jemsister(7)May 8, 2014

It started with just a couple of the vines on the end, but now the others are starting to droop as well. The vines are not sagging, but the leaves are limp and thin feeling.

I have them planted in bags of potting mix along the fence. I cut drainage holes in the bags, so I don't think they are rotting. But our weather has been sporadically sunny/warm and rainy/cool. Are they just freaking out? I don't see any pests on them... It hasn't rained in a few days. The soil still felt damp, but on the dry side of damp, so I gave them a drink to see if that helps. But when it started yesterday, the soil still felt reasonably damp... maybe they like it better to be more moist/wet?

I went with a different potting mix this year, and haven't been impressed so far. (Last year it was the controversial Miracle Gro, which worked great. This year it's a store brand... blah...)

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It's probable that your peas are not getting enough water. I know that my peas love water and seem to be able to grow well in poor soil as long as it has good drainage and retains evenly moisture and there is plenty of sunshine. Since you grow your peas in bags of potting mix, whenever you water your peas, any excess water just runs off and the bags of potting mix don't retain enough water. It may be a good idea to keep your bags of potting mix in something like a planter saucer, so you don't have to water very often to retain evenly moisture. Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks for following up. They are really unhappy these last two days because we are having a heat wave. Went from 60 to 80 pretty much overnight, so I think they are going into shock. I am watering more, as suggested, and that does seem to help, so I think you are right. But they are looking pretty sad today. =(

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Today's high is in the lower 90s here and there hasn't been a drop of rain in the past 13 days. I am glad most of my vegetables are in containers which cuts down on the watering need. Other than that my peas are doing well and bloom profusely and the peppers just love the heat.

If you upload a picture of your setup, it might help us to identify your pea problem.

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This is an early season picture, but this is where they are growing. The fence is on the west side of the yard, so they get afternoon shade. Last year I grew them against a south facing wall in poorly drained soil in the ground, not in containers, and they grew six feet tall and produced incredible amounts. So I'm thinking maybe they are just thirstier than I realize? I had some growing in a flower box last year as well, and those did great too.

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I wish I had a fence and a trellis like yours. Easy and convenient. Do you have wind and low humidity in the air? That might explain your peas' unhappiness. And not enough sunshine (perhaps?) Well, I guess there is not much you can do about it now but keep watering.

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We don't have much wind, at the humidity here is moderate to high. It's pretty humid today, actually. The fence is handy, I didn't take advantage of it last year, and halfway through the season I was wishing I had. Cheaper, and much more stable than tomato stakes I was using.

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