Miserable peace lily + gritty mix

Tbites(5a)May 26, 2011


I've been reading lots and finally decided to register because my peace lily NEEDS HELP.

It's been having a hard time for almost a year. Leaves used to spring back up after soak its pot in water. But it slowly lost its bounce after a good soak.

So I repotted into a bigger self watering pot. No progress. And then I read peace lilies may not like self watering.

So I repotted in a regular pot filled with Miracle Gro. No progress.

So I when to repot and realized the MG was filled with fungus gnats...so I washed off all the soil I could from the roots, trimmed any brown roots and left a bunch of white ones intact. Repotted in Mel's Mix. No progress.

So guess what I did ?

I repotted, but this time tried to Gritty Mix. I had a very hard time finding the materials, so I have Reptibark, Oil Absorbent granules and 1/4" granite chips. Gave it a good soak in a dilution of Miracle Gro All Purpose since I don't have access to Foliage Pro in Montreal. Today, it is completely limp and yet the chopstick inserted to the bottom of the pot feels damp on my face.

I'll try to figure out how to post a picture. Meanwhile, Jodik, Al.... anyone else help please !



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Finally, figured out a way to include a pic

Here is a link that might be useful: Unhappy peace lily

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I think your plant looks pretty good considering the difficult things it's been through. They are tough and I think yours can survive if you will mostly leave it alone and be patient for a while. But first, your story and the brown tips on some leaves suggest the plant has suffered from root rot. Removing the unhealthy roots and moving it to gritty mix was a good move. But I question why you soaked the gritty mix in fertilizer solution. Root rot and all that repotting have probably killed off all the root hairs, which are what the plant uses to take in nutrients. I am concerned that you are risking fertilizer burn when the plant is in shock.

If I were you, I'd flush the pot with plain water until a couple of gallons have run through. That can save it if you've overfertilized it, and it can't hurt in the gritty mix. Then put it in a sheltered area with bright light but no sun. Allow it to dry out for at least a week. Don't fertilize again until it perks up a little. Peace lilies don't need as much fertilizer as most other house plants in my experience.

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I just wanted to say thank you and a big hug for responding. I flushed the peace lily this morning and have it sitting under my grow light. It perked up a bit, not quite upright, but a definite improvement over it's prior state.

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