Powdered milk for calcium?

eaglejohn1(10a)May 19, 2008

I have been given a bunch of powdered milk and really have no use for it. I do use some in place of milk for baking and in instant mashed potatoes.

Question is: in adding calcium, such as egg shells to soil, could I add powdered milk to watering. Would it be beneficial?


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About 2/3 of milk calcium is called 'colloidal'; that is, it is bound to some extent to casein molecules. Only 1/3 of the calcium is in an ionic form that would be readily available to plants. I would think bacterial action would be required to free the colloidal calcium before it would be available to the plants.

Also, powdered milk is high in fat and protein; bacterial breakdown of the fat will produce rancidity, and some odor could be expected; also possibility of some odor and even ammonia production as bacteria break down the proteins. The flies and maggots should love it!

I can't think of a reason I would use it; except perhaps in a compost pile that you don't mind getting smelly. (I composted a bunch of old dog food once; nasty smell, lots of maggots, but by the next year I had the most gorgeous compost you could imagine!)


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