Need suggestions for area in front of garage

piscesgirlMarch 29, 2011

We have a small area in front of our garage which currently has a tiny flower bed (8.5 ft x 3.5ft). See link below for picture.

This area of our house receives no sun, so we have always been at a loss of what to plant here. We are currently in the process of getting quotes to have our driveway re-paved. My husband suggested removing the flower bed all together and just paving right up to the house. I am not not entirely against this idea, however I am concerned that the area will look too blank without it.

Our house is a brick front colonial and the house is situated on the property so the garage is a focal point from the street.

Some of my initial thoughts are as follows:

1) Keep the flower bed and fix it up by adding belgium block around the bed when the contractors do our driveway.

2) Keep the flower bed area, but make it nicer - like a raised stone planter box.

3) Pave up to the house and put a planter or flower pots in this area on top of the asphalt

4) Keep the area free of plants and just put something decorative on the wall.

Any other suggestions on what we should do here?

What would you do with this space?

I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback.

Excuse the picture of the messy bed and the falling trellis. It is still cold here and we haven't started spring cleaning of the beds after the harsh winter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garage flower bed

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Manhattan (green) or Silver King (variegated) euonymus (both evergreen) or climbing hydrangea are all shade tolerant plants that work well on a trellis that would break up that big blank wall. You could under plant them with something as maintenance free as daylilies that would also recover from snow removal damage.

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Thanks. I guess your suggestion is that I keep some plantings here. Could I plant something like climbing hydrangea is a flower box or is it better off directly in the ground?

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