Mason vs. Hardscaping Landscaper ?

piscesgirlMarch 29, 2011

We have a brick front porch and steps that are falling a part. The winter freeze and thaw killed is this year! We also have an old concrete front walkway which is cracked and we would like to replace.

We would like to keep the front porch brick and maybe top it with a layer of flagstone and then do a flagstone walkway. Should we be contacting masons or landscapers who do hardscaping for this type of work? Or should we be contacting both - one to do the porch and one to do the walkway.

Every landscaping website I go on that does hardscaping, I don't see any sort of brick masonry work. Maybe a brick walkway but not a brick wall, steps, or anything that requires mortar. My concern is our house is brick and I want to make sure the contractor who does the brick work can match the mortar color and knows how to do brick work. We had someone do some brick pointing a few years back on the porch and did a horrible job.

My other concern is will most mason's know how to properly install a dry laid flagstone walkway?

Who would you typically contact for this type of work?


Here is a link that might be useful: Front porch and steps

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I'd start by looking at landscape companies who do wet lay (mortar) masonry projects. It may be that brick is a less popular choice in your area, at least for the jobs that make sexy looking portfolio pics, which is why you're not seeing it. In this way you may find a company that does brickwork, or they'll have a relationship with a good brick sub. The advantage to this is that you'll have a turnkey job where you're not having to deal with multiple vendors, scheduling, etc. Just be sure to ask for examples of brick work they have done, not just an assurance that they could do it.

It wouldn't hurt to also check out a few masons, as you're talking about a very visible part of your home. As for can a mason dry lay stone? They should be able to, but I know my mason just did a dry laid walk for me as part of a bigger project and he commented that he prefers wet lay because the setting bed is more forgiving and quicker to work with. So that may factor into willingness and/or labor cost.

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