Eating Fava Bean Leaves - large or small beans?

pdxmarkMarch 29, 2011

I planted Windsor fava beans last fall, mostly as a cover crop because I'd be planting other things in those places before the beans matured. During the winter I read about a new food trend -- eating fava bean leaves as a fresh or cooked green. It works great. As described, they are mild and tender and mix well with other fresh or cooked greens.

I'm planning to repeat my edible fava cover crop exercise again next fall, but I'm wondering whether I need to plant the (more expensive, less hardy) large bean favas for the sake of eating the leaves, or if I can plant the cheaper small bean favas for leaf eating. Any thoughts?

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I only plant the smaller ones (Banner). The plants are 10% smaller, but indistinguishable from Windsor otherwise. As soon as the ground unfreezes I will put in a few hundred of them.

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Thanks Glib. Banner is what I was thinking of for its great hardiness.

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