HAVE: Heirloom & Old Garden Rose Cuttings

cottage_garden(Z10 CA)April 10, 2012

I've cut back several of my old garden and heirloom roses and will happily trade them for other cuttings. The cuttings I send are a variety and will be a combination of what I have listed. I did not label them before potting them up so I have no idea which is which. For each trade, it is my request we trade a minimum of 6 cuttings per trade.

Feel free to offer cuttings of something other than roses like interesting and fragrant vines, unusual and pretty plants - oh, whatever you think might be of interest.

Here's a list of the roses:

Clotide Soupert, cl

Souvenir de la Malmaison, cl

IIse Krohn Superior




Pinkie, cl

Cecille Brunner, cl

Cabbage Rose


Summer's Kiss

Alba Meidiland


Baronne Prevost

Belle Story

Blush Hip


Bow Bells

Cameo Perfume

Celtic Pride


Crocus Rose

Crystal Fairy

Duchess of Portland

Galway Bay

Golden Gate

Geoff Hamilton

Green Snake


Honor Elizabeth

Jacques Cartier


John Cabot

John Clare

La Reine

Lavender Lassie

Loverr's Blush

Lyda rose

Mary Magdalene

Miss Dior

MME Alfred Carrier

MME William Paul

Outta the Blue

Prairie Sunrise

Pretty in Pink

Radio Times

Raspberry Ruffles


St. Swithun

The Alnwick Rose

The Fawn

The Soham Rose



Marchesa Boccel

La Biche, cl

Kronprincessin Viktoria

Duchesse de Brabant


Antoine Rivoire

Alister Stell, cl

America, cl

Don Juan, cl

Joseph's Coat, cl

Brilliant Pink Iceberg


Iceberg, cl

French Lace

Fragrant Lavender

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth, cl

White Lady Banks, cl

Yellow Lady Banks, cl

Alba, cl

John Kennendy


**'cl' denotes CLIMBER and the growth habit for that rose is a climbing habit**

What will I do with the cuttings if I don't trade them? Of course I'll keep them rooted and add them to another part of the garden (much to my gardener's disappointment!).

There are a couple of old-time hybrid teas in this mix as I cut a couple of large branches from John Kennedy and a couple of others.

Again, let me reiterate, trades will be a combination of the above noted and the cuttings will not come with a label. If you are interested in trading for specific roses, please contact me at a later date.

Please post here so I know you've expressed an interest. Unfortunately, sometimes valid messages (have never received a straight answer on why this happens) are filtered into the junk mail folder but I don't always catch the messages before the system disposes of them.

I will close the thread when all the cuttings have been traded.

Thanks much for looking!


Here is a link that might be useful: Trade List

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I am interested in Mermaid and White Lady Banks. I can send cuttings from Variegata de Bologna, Shrub Rose Golden Zest and/or cuttings from an unidentified pale pink Moss Rose from an old rose I found at a cemetery years ago if you are interested in trading.
Thank you for your time,

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cottage_garden(Z10 CA)

Contact me later about trading for specific roses.

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Rookie mistake, no excuses, lol.

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cottage_garden(Z10 CA)

Honestly, not a big deal at all. Love roses and would love to trade for specific varieties later. Just want to make sure this batch that's currently available makes it to good homes.


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Thank you for you offer. I am new to this forum, but have been on Gardenweb for several years. I would love to trade cuttings for any cuttings of your roses that would grow in hot weather. It reaches the triple digits here sometimes in the summer. I have planted trees to make it more comfortable for the roses in the extreme heat. I don't have many rose cuttings, I've been waiting to add those to my garden. I do have a miniature red rose, a David Austin St. Cecilia rose, and a miniature rose with orange blooms that are medium sized. I'm sorry it doesn't have a tag;I bought it through the Penny Saver. Other plants I can trade include: perwinkle, purple irises, aloe vera, strawberry runners, cherry red geraniums, purple geraniums, dusty miller, and some pretty conifers that would probably root. I also have lots of vegetable seeds:heirloom zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, and Cinderella pumpkins. Later in the season I will have lots of hollyhock seeds. They look beautiful in with the roses!

Please let me know, and I will get these off to you in the mail,


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cottage_garden(Z10 CA)

I forgot to mention but please make sure your settings permit me to contact you directly.


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I'm sorry, but my settings are old and I can't figure out how to update them. My email address is balletstef@att.net. The email address listed on the Gardenweb page is old, and I no longer have it. I am in Canyon Country, CA.


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Just updated my settings, but the page is still reverting to my old email address. I'm not sure why. I entered it twice and no luck...

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brenda_c(Hugo, Okla. 7b)

cattage_garden I would like to have these rose cuttings.

Climbing Pinkie
Summer's Kiss
Crystal Fairy
Radio Times
Raspberry Ruffles
Brilliant Pink Iceberg
French Lace
Fragrant Lavender

Please take a look at my trade list and let me know if you want to trade. Thanks Brenda

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cottage_garden(Z10 CA)

Thanks but please read the posting before responding.

1. The list of what I'll send is a combination of what's available since NONE of the cuttings are labeled.

2. If you want to trade for specific roses, awesome, just contact me later.

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cottage_garden(Z10 CA)

Thanks to every who responded. All the cuttings are now spoken for.

Thanks again!


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