Kids outgrew swing set/fort what do we do now?

batmikMarch 19, 2010

Our kids have long since outgrown the play area in the backyard. The swing set and fort have been given away but still have the boxed in pea gravel area we need to do something with. We do not want to do a vegetable garden or a spa. We feel we want to removed the raised box and pea gravel and do something else that will look okay with the rest of the backyard. Any ideas?

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There are many things you can do to the area. However you don't say how you would like to use the area and what the rest of the backyard has or how the approx. size of the area. Perhaps a quiet retreat would be one way to go. Also the area could be designed to be a more adult recreational space. A fire pit patio may work as well. Maybe a pond or some sort of water feature? When you look out the window what would you like to see? When you are lounging in the yard ask yourself if you would utilize the area in a cohesive way with the rest of the yard. Is the yard fenced in? Grab your lawn chair and a favorite beverage, sit and take in the environment around you. The ideas will start to flow. Good Luck!

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Thanks stormz4. I will try to take pictures to post and some measurements. My kids have suggested the fire pit idea.

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