need to replace emerald green arborvitaes

grullablue(5)March 23, 2011

So, I was not very smart when I planted them...I knew they could get big, but I figured it would take A)a very long time, and B) I thought perhaps I could prune them to keep them the size I wanted. Well...I don't really have the know-how to prune them properly...

So this is the year I believe I should remove them before they get too big. I am scanning my yard to find a suitable place to put them.

I have two, one on each side of my garage door. I love the look, but obviously they are not the right shrub for me. I like the pyramid-ish look....and I like the fact that they are evergreen. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I could replace them with? The planting area faces north, and with the slight overhang from the roof, there isn't a lot of direct sunlight, except in the later afternoon. But these arbor vitaes have done quite well. Not a good pic at all, I'm going to try to find a better one. But this is one, this is the wall of my house that faces west. Yes, I know this too needs some needs something, but I am not sure what yet.

Here's the one on the other side. I can't seem to find a shot with both of them.

here we go...think this is the best I'm gonna find! This is an old pic, and they're much bigger now.

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I think they look good but if they must go, they must go! Maybe an upright holly bush would be better. I don't think that grows as fast, plus its evergreen!

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Oh, I think they look GREAT! But I'm not sure if it's because of the roots that I was advised to remove them....that the roots may cause chaos with the concrete driveway/sidewalk....I don't know. Still in the thinking stages now, I do like them there, and if the roots may not pose a big problem with the concrete, I'd love to leave 'em....IF I could learn how to prune them to keep them at a size I'd like them...without making them look horrible. I've never pruned anything in my life. Not like that, anyway. So I'd think of it as hacking, myself...because that's more than likely what it may end up looking like! =)

I may look up holly bushes though, I hadn't thought of that, I love hollies, but didn't know there were any that were more upright!


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