Paver Patio Design

buymyemuMarch 31, 2010

After reading the log here it looks as if you give some good advice. So... I am designing a paver patio for my walkout. The walkout faces south,I live in Michigan. The house is about 45 feet across and has boulder walls at either end (I will try to post picture in a followup.)

Here is my design, includes a firepit to the right connected by a sidewalk.

Firepit will be 5 foot diameter, does this sound right?

Perimrter will be a contrasting color, I will have 2 circles in the main body with a color matching the perimeter. It will have a single 6 inch wide line from the walkout door leading to the 2 circles as well as one looping around to the firepit.

Main patio works out to about 750 square feet, sidewalk adds 160 and the firepit will be 18 feet across for 226 square feet.

Any comments suggestions? (Paver block planters? Short Columns? A small wall halfway around the firepit for seating?



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