fence before pavers or vice versa?

chcampaigneMarch 21, 2010


Please pardon the newbie question. After 5 years of playing with designs, I am finally ready to get started with hardscaping for my garden. I have a very small city house that is only about 8' from the sidewalk. My front steps come down from a porch parallel with the front of the house. I'm going to be installing a new front fence with a gate at the side, opening onto an 8'x8' entry patio made with brick-shaped pavers. The pavers will be pretty tight between the sidewalk & the house foundation, except for a little room for expansion. In addition to meeting the front steps, the patio will also have a long walkway to the back yard where there will be a much larger paver patio area.

I'm planning to hire contractors (at least for the fence, the grading & the gravel base - not sure I can afford them to lay the pavers), but I don't want to sound totally clueless when I start getting bids. In a tight space like this, which comes first? My guess would be:

1. Fenceposts

2. Gravel base for pavers

3. sand & pavers

4. Fence panels (cedar picket)

Does that sound reasonable? Would it be better to find a contractor that can do both fence and pavers or try to get the fence guy to come in two phases?



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Preparation is what makes upa great deal of the price of hiring a contractor to install your pavers. Either have the contractors do the whole paver job or none of it because you will either save little money or have a poorly prepped base.

Keep in mind that if you have fence posts locked in by pavers, you can't move the posts to accept the panels if they go into holes on the posts. The fence should go in first if it is not all done by the same contractor unless it will limit access and ability to use equipment in the space.

Ideally, one contractor who knows what he is doing would and can manage the job would be the best choice.

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Thanks for the quick advice! I'll go looking for a multi-talented contractor. Unfortunately, I suspect the fence will block access but I can probably let the contractor assess that situation.


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