BlbuNkue spruces in backyard close to homes foundation,ok for dec

dinosaurwiMarch 25, 2010

Our patio is a simple 10x10 cement patio. Behind it the previous owner planted 11 spruces. Now they are getting bigger and closer to our patio and to our homes foundation. Is it ok if we build a deck between our home

and the spruces? They are about 2 feet from the patio at the moment. My understanding is that it's not ok to build anything over the spruces roots that need air and water. Is this true? We are trying to make our patio area look more appealing. Since my wife is allergic to mosquitos Ans we can't be out at night as much as we would like and we can't build a deck.....what would be a good idea to make our small patio look better and not an eye sore?

Here is a link that might be useful: link to our patio pics

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Reason your patio looks like an "eyesore" is there are no plants around it, it's just there. A low hedge or just a couple of attractive shrubs on the end that is narrow-to the left in the pic. If that doesn't appeal to you some flowers along the house with place to step off the patio to go around that side of house with couple of shrubs more toward corner of the patio, idea is to make it like a room, right now it is missing the "walls" so few plants could give illusion of walls, maybe repeat with 2 shrubs on side toward swing set but don't block the swingset off want to be able to see your kids. Lower shrubs or grasses to anchor that corner & make it seem more like a room. If your wife gets shock type allergy symptoms you might do well to get an electric bug zapper out there or she should put repellent on before going out. Decks are lot of work & expense & need to be redone every few years. You just need to "dress" the patio you have! It's like a bedroom with nothing but the bed in it. Needs some furnishings (plants) to finish the look. Good Luck!

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