Al's 5-1-1 mix

catlover_gardenerMay 23, 2011

I think I finally accomplished the making of Al's 5-1-1 mix.I managed to get pine bark nuggets, perlite and peat moss (I found a huge bale at HD), CRF, and lime from Espoma.

I tried to stay as closely as possible to the measurements, tho I have no sifts. I used my hands to break up nuggets, bz they varied in size, some up to 1".

Anyway, after I pot up some tomato seedlings, do I water them right away? The mix has been sitting for two weeks bz I have been too busy to transplant the tomatoes.

I am so nervous about the success of this method so I am going to try one tomato plant in a small container. If it works, I will transplant to a bigger container to continue the growth.

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If the mix is moist, then 'no', but if it's dry, then a deep watering is in order. Peat moss dries out quickly and is hard to re-wet, although it can be done. It would be good for you to use a water meter to make sure how moist/dry the soil below the surface is - tomatoes are very picky about moisture. I would recommend you do a search for how to transplant seedlings.

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