contant infestations!

scubagirl21May 22, 2011

Hi all,

I have a bunch of plants in containers on my balcony (since I live in an apartment, I can't have a "real" garden). Some of them do well and have never had any problems, but some of them seem to be constantly battling infestations of one kind or another. On my balcony, my gazania is always battling aphids and sometimes ants. My begonia was doing great but I think the ants spread from my gazania. Now that I got rid of the ants (for now), I just noticed that the begonia has spider mites. I got a rose a couple of weeks ago that also has spider mites. I spray the affected plants with water mixed with neem oil and dish soap, which helps a lot (much better than the harsh chemicals I tried in the past) but never seems to fully get rid of the problem. Or, once I think it has, a new bug comes along! I can't figure out why I keep having so many problems: I live on the 3rd floor and the surrounding area is sprayed weekly with pesticides. Any suggestions?

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The oil will only kill adults but not eggs. So they could keep hatching. You may need to use pesticides. There are organic pesticides that would work. I have sprayed plants with barsoap/water and it worked well. After applying the soap I let soak to kill the pests then rinse with water.

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Buy a product called Bayer Tree and Shrub. It's a soil drench that will kill all the pests that chew on the plant. I wouldn't garden without it! No - I am not associated with the makers of this product and I don't sell it - but I definetly USE IT!

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