Growing Roma Tomatoes in 5 Gallon Containers

OldMcDonaldMay 27, 2014

Hey folks! First post here! I am totally new to gardening. I only got into it because I want good veggies, and not the crap that is sold in grocery stores. I am growing my plants in 5-gallon containers on my patio. This past weekend I stopped at a nursery and bought some Roma tomatoes, as I love making good Italian sauces. Anyway, I bought 4 small Roma tomatoes that were growing together in one small pot. I would assume the roots were all intertwined at this point, so I planted them in a 5-gallon bucket. My question is, should I maybe cut down 1 or 2 of the plants now before they start to really grow? I don't want them overcrowding eachother in the pot, and there was no way I could pull them apart prior. Any suggestions??? The attached pic shows my Roma's in the far right bucket. There are 4 tiny plants in this bucket.

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I've never grown them in a container, but I can tell you that when I grow them in the ground, they are a very prolific plant, running rampant in no time. One plant will overrun a 5 gallon bucket rather easily if left to grow without pruning or pinching.


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Arrrgh! I guess I'll chop down two of the weakest/smallest plants, and let the other two start to take off. Then I'll chop down the weakest of those remaining two plants before they grow really big.

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jutsFL(9b (Orlando))

Agreed. I do not have mine in a container either, but as Joe stated - they will grow very large. Just one plant per bucket would be my recommendation. The Roma in my front planter (in ground) got to around 4ft tall before rains beat it down and I let it sprawl... Now it's about 4ft wide by 4ft deep as well. They will literally grow like weeds!


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Cut down to one plant. I had 2 in a 5 gallon bucket
just like you and they drowned out each other.
A 5 gallon bucket will support only one plant. Sorry!

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biodarwin(Zona 8a)

I have 4 of them in 5 gallon containers. I believe this is the right sized container for one plant. My plants are just now starting to bare fruit and they are roughly 34-40" tall and +~30" wide. They require some space :)

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