Make a Yard Swing Look more in place

marquiskisselMarch 25, 2013

Hey guys, I was hoping some people might have some suggestions on what I can do to make this swing area look a little better. There are some ferns growing to the right and several hydrangeas behind. I was thinking that maybe I should make it a bit of a separate outdoor room but I don't really know how to do that without making it too disconnected from the rest of the yard. Any suggestions would be great!

P.S. We will soon be replacing the chain link with another wooden fence.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Maybe paint it dark green, or tree trunk color so it blends in better? Old, grayed wood always looks cool and inviting.


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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

What sort of view does one get from the swing? If your climate is hot in summer, is this a cool shaded corner at that time? It's difficult to know what to recommend without more context in the photo.

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What a pretty little area! I would let that swing weather naturally, the wood fence will make it all look better so that is already an improvement on the way. I would add a birdbath, something metal and rustic under the tree area to the left of the swing, get rid of the pot next to the swing, and maybe plant some flowering shrubs haphazard around the whole area.

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Two weeks ago I tied a rope swing with a strait board seat up in a ash tree between wifes flower beds. I caught hell because it didn't go with her picture of the front yard. Easter sunday when the grand kids saw it for the first time and wouldn't stay of it in their good clothes she sure took a lot of pictures. I suggest a child or 2 smiling would make yours perfect.

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