help my blueberries!! *pics*

kushyMay 7, 2012

hello gardenweb im having trouble with my blueberries. im quite an avid horticulturalist but this is my first experience with blueberries and they have been giving me trouble. i have 3 varieties, northcountry, chippewa, and bluecrop. bought at the end of march. all are potted in a homemade mixture of peat moss, compost, worm castings, pro mix, perlite and vermiculite. also added shredded oak/maple leaves and pine needles, and mulched with a cedar bark mulch. i was under the impression that i provided them with an optimum home nutrient and ph wise, (ph is 5) yet they dont seem to think so, and im having leaf issues. now, my harvest this year is already destroyed because of a late spring frost killing most of my flower buds. so i can now use this time to better establish the plant. i seem to be having a myriad of problems at the same time. some leaves have white/beige edges and are curling, others are turning black, and the new leaves at the top are very light green, dimpled and miscoloured. these issues only started about a week ago. before that, they were healthy in my soil mix for about a month. any help plz?


Here is a link that might be useful: pics

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How long have they been in their containers and how have you been fertilizing them? Also, your custom mix sounds very moisture-retentive. Blueberries like a well-drained medium.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I agree with fortyonenorth. Your mix sounds way too complicated and water retentive. Last year I bought a Bluecrop, and a Blueray from a nursery. I simply repotted them in double ground pine bark. The mix drains very well. I add 2 tablespoons of vinegar per gallon of water. So far they are growing very well. They don't need much fertilizer. Maybe you should repot them. If you can't get the double ground bark, you could just add a little peat to some sifted pine bark mulch.

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Hi kushy,
What's the temperature been lately?The reddish leaves look very typical of cold soil and if so,warm weather should bring some green to them.
If they were mine,I'd get rid of the Cedar and use Pine bark mulch.It's better in the acidic category.
I'm not sure about the other things going on but if any answers are found,I'll post. Brady

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prestons_garden(9B SZ 22 HZ 6 SoCal)

What type of fertilizer are you using and also list your fertilizing schedule.

If you can recall, list each potting medium used in a quantity.

This will make it much easier guiding you in the right direction.


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