Our front yard needs a redo

COCurlerApril 3, 2014

I'd like to make some changes to our new (to us) front yard. My husband wants to plant some grass and call it good. That won't do. I need suggestions!

- I plan to add a fence panel on the right side of our house set back a few feet. It will give our pup a place to lay out of the sun. Yay? Nay?
- I can't revise the driveway other than maybe staining it to try and minimize. It was poured just before we moved in.
- I'd love to use a dwarf corkscrew tree if it fits. I think they look awesome in the winter.
- I like contemporary or modern but this house is typical for the neighborhood.
- I'd take a closer picture but really not interested in keeping wood edging, red mulch or pink rocks. And there really isn't anything to keep for plants except the tree.

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Sorry. I can't figure out how to post multiple pictures at once.

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Oh and the house faces east.

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Should start from changing box shape of the house.add a porch.plant hosta,hydrangea,privet,boxwood....replace the walkway.

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designonline6, why when people are asking about landscaping, do you always suggest an expensive, total remodel to the front of their home? I just don't see that as helpful at all.

Cocurler, you have a great looking home and some wonderful trees as a starting point. I'm sure some of the experts here will have some helpful suggestions for how to enhance what you already have. I'll only comment that I think a fence could look good and will help hide the heat pump unit and your pooch will thank you for the shade.

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littlebug5(z5 MO)

I agree that your yard needs a redo, and I'd second the idea to do away with all the red bark, the rocks, and the island planting bed between the two seas of rocks. What a busy-busy layout! The driveway looks well-done except for the unfortunate extra parking pad which lands right in front of your picture window.

Nice, cozy, sturdy-looking house, by the way.

The big tree looks HUGE as compared to your house. Do the lower branches overhang the house? Maybe it should be trimmed. The other multi-trunked one looks like it functions to hide your picture window, just like a vehicle parked on that pad would. I'd take that tree out.

I think a well-maintained bright green lawn would help the looks of your property tremendously. And some small planting beds up next to the house would be nice. There are many experts here on this board that might chime in with some suggestions for those.

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Here is a general idea that you could use as a starting point. (Color, or lack of it, does not mean anything. Use colors you like.)

The red "X's" are limbs I'd remove before they become any more dominant. They won't work well over the long term.

I find the "V" shape that is created where the walk joins the drive to be not handsome. Would be better if concrete were added so that the planting space it contains read as octagonal-ish instead. (It would correlate well with the bay window.) Also, the front walks needs to be wider, especially the one connecting to the drive. Currently, they look like older government housing project walks.

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You could select a pergola,but I suggest you add a porch,If you have budgest.

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@Yardvaark could you tell me what you're using to create that designed image? Or are you just doing it in Paint?

Sorry to hijack your thread.

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I use Maya,cad,3dsmax...software.

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(duplicate deleted)

This post was edited by Yardvaark on Mon, Apr 7, 14 at 21:22

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it's Paint. And the technique is painting. Very little photoshopping. Usually, that's for clean-up.

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My photoshop tech always don't work about demension,3d ......I need to take more time to study.

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Paint?! That's amazing. We've removed the red mulch and have soil coming to level it out. I don't have any questions yet. Just trying to figure out how to give Yardvaark's suggestion justice.

I had been thinking the garage needed painted so it's not so stark white behind the house. It has some life in it so I could just leave it. Thoughts anyone?

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You could paint it to match the house but I think you should focus on the front garden first. Are you letting the pink rocks stay? They are creating a patchwork look.

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