Bottle Neck Onion Sets

brenda_md(7a)March 24, 2008

Is anyone familiar with the spring or green onions referred to as bottle neck onions? The bulbs for these onion sets are elongated. They are a really nice onion to eat for spring onions as there is more white going up before turning green and they usually are on the milder side than most spring onions. If they get too large before they are eaten as spring onions, they are quite nice and sweet if cooked on the grill later in the summer.

Our local garden markets here in Maryland carried these for years, but everyone has stopped selling them the last few years.

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Not familiar with the term bottle neck, but many local feed and seeds carried the red torpedo as sets. Have not really looked lately, as plants have become available, sets have drastically lost popularity. Hume sells seed for it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red Torpedo

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Thanks, I checked out the Red Torpedo onion, but that is not it. I did a little more search on the internet (not that I did not do a lot of searching last year) and discovered they are actually called bottle onions or, maybe more appropriately, Amish bottle onions.

I found only one address source for them in Pennsylvania, of course no phone, they are Amish! So I will have to use snail mail to contact them. Hopefully they still have some onion bulbs left. Sure hate to see these old varieties die out.

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