Angelonia wilting in the heat??

paradisecircus(7b/8a)May 22, 2013

I recently purchased 2 different kinds of angelonia, Serena and Angelmist I believe, based on their heat loving nature. Living in Fort Worth, TX we get plenty of heat and sun and I was excited to read that angelonias thrive in those conditions. However, the angelmist has started wilting which confuses me!! Yesterday, a small thunderstorm moved in and the plant got more water than I wanted it to, as I had watered it that morning, and the temperature dropped to about 65 degrees from our usual 90 degrees. What shocked me is that the plant perked up considerably! The stems were stronger, leaves thicker and perkier, and now with the heat being back in the 90s today, it's wilting in the sun and heat. I've included a pic. Am I doing something wrong? Its in generic potting soil from my local nursery.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

How long ago was it when you transplanted the starts to the bigger pot? If you put it into full sun in 90 degree heat right after transplanting, it could be transplant shock. When I put my new starts into their permanent pots, I keep them well watered and in dappled shade with protection from the wind for a few days. It takes a few days for their roots to begin doing their job and become efficient at taking in water. I use a fast draining mix (5-1-1) and don't worry about watering too much when I first plant my starts, especially if the temperature is high.

I love angelonia. Even though I have a very different climate than you, we had a heat wave and drought last summer, and my angelonia thrived.

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Hi I am in the Round Rock area, north of Austin, and I planted some too about 4 weeks ago in a pot- and while it is in full sun, it has late afternoon shade, and I had similar issues as you stated for the first 2-3 weeks after I planted it.. It has since stabilized and is thriving. With the current temps, I have found that even my most drought tolerant/ low water needs plants ALL needed daily watering and less intense sun for the first week to 10 days after transplanting into new pots! I love the angelonia, and was very concerned about mine for the first week, but she pulled through fine!

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