Check out my 20ft Dirt Wall

DarqueSockApril 23, 2011

(Zone 6)

Well, it might be a bit less than 20ft...

Coming up the Driveway:

from the other end:

Final one from above:

Mostly concerned with the freshly scooped out portion.

Was thinking of putting evergreen trees (thuja/etc) and sorta have them curve back as they grow (using ropes/stakes). Eventually turning into a hedge.

There are TONS of granite boulers here, and a retaining wall will cost a fortune, prefer not to go that route.

I was thinking maybe some variety would be good. like having an understory of something beneith the trees, on the lower portion of the hill?



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Who scooped out the dirt? How far up the hill have you looked? Are there similar scoops further up the hill? Is there a geotechnical/geology report for the site?

It's hard to diagnose from a few photos but I would worry that you've bought a house where the toe of a larger landslide has been excavated to make a flat lot.

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Edible garden nice,hope you like it

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We own a couple acres around the house. My parents built the house over a decade ago (they did a survey/etc). house is sorta punched out of a hillside.

Before retiring my father decided to push part of the hill back(hired guy with a back hoe), and he sorta half assed the job...

It's perfectly stable, no sliding since it was done (almost 2 years now).

PS: the 'crater' in the ground is a recently removed propane tank. Owning your own tank saves you a boat load in rental fees.
Because of the hole in the ground i'v been toying with the idea of a pond/waterfall...

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There is a pond design pic,I always design 12 pics everytime.but I can't post here again.KarinL and other members don't like I post more pics.

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